Have you embarked on this exciting hobby only to find that it can be very frustrating? Information from the internet, forums, clubs and model shops can be conflicting and as someone new to the sport this can be very confusing.

That is where Flyin’ Fish comes in. We have been providing a professional and friendly flight training school for more than 25 years and instruct complete novices through to the more advanced pilot.

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If you have never flown before and not yet invested in your own equipment; you can use ours. Don’t worry, we will start with the absolute basics. Our teaching is very comprehensive and will include the following topics:

  • Maintenance / Pre-flight checks
  • Battery management including storage charging and safety
  • Engine operation, maintenance & set up for nitro helicopters
  • Flying Field etiquette
  • Safe helicopter operation from the ground up

Tuition is modular leading you through the flight training in easy stages:

  • Take off / landing, basic hover
  • Orientation skills: tail in, side on and nose in
  • Translational flight
  • You are now ready for your BMFA ‘A’ test training
  • Velocity control – acceleration / deceleration and faster circuits
  • Controlling ascents and descents
  • You are now ready for your BMFA ‘B’ test training

Our aim is to speed up your progression by giving you safe structured exercises to take away with you and practise. It is important that you master each stage before moving on to the next in order to keep your model in one piece and maximise your fun!

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Not sure what to buy?

When you are inexperienced and new to the sport it is very easy to buy equipment which is inappropriate, unreliable or too expensive for your needs. Book a lesson using our equipment and your instructor can then assess your requirements and recommend products which are appropriate.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to putting packages together and only recommend items that are reliable and that we are confident will do the job. In addition to advice you can trust, we are here to give you a back-up service which is second-to-none.

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