Flying Legally in the UK

Flying Legally

Since 30th November 2019, the law requires that anyone operating an unmanned aircraft outdoors which weighs more than 250g, is registered as an Operator with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). The cost of this is £10 @ 01/01/23.

In order to register, you must provide evidence of your competency. The BMFA (British Model Flying Association) make this very straightforward. Click here to find out more via the BMFA website.

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Once you have your CAA Operator number, this must be then be displayed somewhere on or within each of your aircraft.

We recommend that once you buy your own equipment, you join the BMFA. The annual cost of membership is currently £42 (2023). As well as providing excellent civil liability insurance and personal accident insurance, the BMFA offers much more to its members. Check out the BMFA website for more details.

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