Past Projects

At Flyin’ Fish we have been very fortunate to be involved in many unusual & interesting projects over the years.  Below are details of a few of them:

Avro TeamFrom 2004 to 2007 Dave worked closely with Neal Scanlan of Blitz Helicopters to design a cutting edge British Helicopter, the Avro. It was introduced to the world at the 2007 3D Masters.

Volcano2007 Dave worked closely with Andrew McGonigle of Sheffield University flying a Raptor 90 helicopter inside a volcano collecting data. Andrew later won a Rolex Award for his work. Check out the link and watch the fascinating video

Optifuel2007 – present day Working as Technical Consultant to Optifuel, Europe’s fastest growing brand of rc fuel.

Dave in ChinaNov. 2009 – we were fortunate enough to be invited to Beijing to fly at the 1st China International Aero Model Show along with Duncan & Wayne Osborne. The other international pilots attending included Scott Gray (Canada), Jason Knoll (USA) & Christophe Paysent le Roux (France).

2010 – worked with Steve at Helipix ( to fly a quadracopter to demonstrate flying around high tension pylons - check out the following YouTube video.

Silent Caddy2010 – worked with Steve Trotter of Kite Films ( filming the ‘Shadow Caddy’ at a golf course in Portugal.

Nokia shoot 1 Nokia Shoot 2

April 2010 – travelled to Spain with friend & fellow F3C pilot Roger Mayo to film the latest Nokia TV ad for the N8 mobile phone.

August 2010 – to a very remote part of Norway for the 2nd part of the Nokia job – filming a music video, ‘Dragonfly Love’. Check this link to see the music video as well as a behind the scenes look of the shoot itself.

Paint ballingMay 2011 - Dave was commissioned by Helipix to fly their UAV for 3D aerial video work at Warren Wood Paintballing Centre in Herts to film shots for a new Sky television programme series due to start in mid June. Dave’s flying skills were certainly put to the test when he was accidentally hit by several paintballs whilst flying and filming!

In August 2013 Dave was involved with filming for the new Suzuki car tv ad which was released on 1st October. Dave used the Blade 550X which performed faultlessly - check out the link to see the ad. Suzuki video.

In addition to the above, Dave has travelled the world competing at international F3C & 3D competitions:

freestyle 2016

2002Romania (F3C European Championships)
2003Japan (F3C World Championships)
2004Germany (F3C European Championships)
2005Spain (F3C World Championships)
2006UK (F3C European Championships)
France (Trophee de France)
2007Poland (F3C World Championships)
2008USA (F3C World Championships)
2009France ((F3C European Championships)
Spain (3D Masters)
2010Austria (Kyosho Cup)
Romania ((F3C World Championships)
2015Austria (F3N World Championships)
2016Poland (F3N European Championships) Team GBR won Gold!
2017Poland (F3N World Championships) Team GBR won Silver!

Having made the decision to retire from F3C in 2011 and focus on F3N (3D) flying, Dave is now enjoying his 4th year as a member of Team GBR F3N.