So, you want to learn to fly r/c helicopters? Then you've come to exactly the right place!

Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a complete beginner we can help you - even if you haven't committed to RC flying yet then why not book time using our models. Why not read what our customers say about us HERE.

Helicopter Training Rates effective 1st September 2013
Basic Helicopter flight training using your heli £40.00
Basic Helicopter flight training using your heli WITH DAVE (Chief Instructor) £42.50
Basic Helicopter flight training using our equipment £45.00
Helicopter Advanced training (3D + competition) using your heli £45.00
Helicopter Advanced training (3D + competition) using our equipment £50.00
Helicopter check over & set-up service (at workshop) £40

All prices displayed for 1 (One) hour, payment via cash or cheque

*PLEASE NOTE* For customers needing to charge batteries at the field, from Monday 20th November 2017 we will be making a charge of 50p per battery that we charge using our generator / charger.

*PLEASE NOTE* - Once a lesson has been booked, a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given if you wish to cancel for reasons other than bad weather. If the minimum notice has not been given, the full charge for the lesson will apply.


We are able to provide pre-paid gift vouchers with either the date & time specified or left open.  Please note however, these are non-refundable & must be redeemed within 12 months of the date of issue of the voucher.  Just decide how many hours you would like to pre-pay for & send us a cheque payable to Flyin' Fish or send us the money via bank transfer with a note giving us the name that you want on the voucher & telling us where you would like the voucher sent.  For more information, please phone us on the usual no. 0208 841 6781.

BMFA Testing - NOTE: Change to BMFA Ruling - Dave is a BMFA heli examiner BUT due to changes in BMFA Rules "a vote was passed that effectively prohibits achievement scheme tests being conducted by examiners working in commercial model flight training schools. It prevents them testing their own pupils and or those of other instructors working at the same school." we are no longer able to offer customers the opportunity to take either their 'A' or 'B' tests with us. All of our tuition, as before, is aimed at getting you ready to take & successfully pass your test BUT you will need to arrange to take your test with your local club examiner OR if you are a country-wide member, contact the BMFA on 0116 2440028.

The ''A'' certificate equates to a ''safe solo'' standard of flying. The ''B'' certificate is designed to recognise the pilot''s more advanced ability & a demonstrated level of safety suitable for flying at a public display. For full details of what each certificate involves, please refer to the BMFA manual or website.

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