Optifuel Heli and Bottles Flyin’ Fish is thrilled to be able to be using Optimix fuel, a new British fuel launched at the 2008 3D Masters. Dave has been working closely with Andy Hinton-Lever, MD of Optifuel, to develop a British fuel which competes directly against the best fuels in the world.

Optifuel’s aim has been to give consistency from tank to tank, excellent performance & value for money. Let’s not forget the importance of delivery – Andy has worked tirelessly to provide a fast & efficient fuel delivery allowing you to order from your local shop or direct from Optifuel making sure that you will never be without fuel.

Flyin’ Fish uses Optifuel in all of its teaching helicopters & Dave also uses it in his FAI & 3D competition helicopters. We are able to supply customers with 20% & 30% nitro Optimix – all in 5 litre containers. If you wish to pick up some fuel when you come to us for a lesson, please advise us when you book & we’ll have whatever you order at the flying field ready for you.

25% SLV Optimix £28.49 per 5L container or £100.00 for a box of 20 litres
30% Super SLV Optimix £30.99 per 5L container or £105 for a box of 20 litres

NOTE: standard 30% Optifuel can be provided but this is by special order only.

Optifuel bottles

We can also supply you with Opti-Cleaning products – an excellent range designed specifically for cleaning rc helicopters.

Opti-Shine, a water-based degreaser – can be used to degrease canopies, paintwork & is safe on carbon fibre & plastics. Spray on cloth & polish till grease has gone. Produces a good shine.

Opti-Clean – a light water-dispersing oil which can be used to spray on metal components ie swashplate, tail shaft to disperse moisture if the model has been out in the damp. Spray on & wipe clean.

Opti-lube – a general purpose light oil for lubricating main mast, swashplate, tail shaft, pitch slider or anything that needs to be lightly oiled to prevent seizing.

Opti-gear – an alcohol based de-greaser. Very useful for cleaning gears – spray on brush, a toothbrush is ideal, (or direct onto gear) & brush clean. Also, an excellent degreaser for degreasing threads on bolts prior to applying loctite.

Opti-Shine 250ml £3.99
Opti-Clean 250ml £3.99
Opti-lube 50ml £3.99
Opti-gear 250ml £3.99

Optifuel clean