450 size electric package

The 450 size helicopter is an ideal introduction to the sport. With far less outlay than a larger size helicopter, it is physically large enough to be a practical model to learn on & be easy to transport.

Previously, 450 size helicopters have been fine for indoor flight in large halls & in calmer conditions outdoors. The biggest issue with flying a 450 arises when you are trying to fly in stronger winds. The model now becomes less stable & more difficult to control. This has always been the case with traditional fly-barred helicopters. The reason for this is the flybar set-up is always a compromise – either very stable & lacking in aerobatic performance or responsive but unstable for a learner.

Now we can introduce the new Blade 450X, a flybarless helicopter which has the best of both worlds; always stable & as responsive as you want it to be, from mild to wild!

Blade 450X

Early flybarless systems were always difficult to take off & land. The new Horizon AR7200BX flybarless controller which has been developed by Microbeast, has built in receivers to save weight & has been engineered with the novice in mind. It allows you to have very mild-mannered responses & easy going ground handling & as you progress you can change the settings within seconds to take you onto extreme 3D flight.

Be under no illusion, this is not just an introductory flybarless system; it could be fitted to a 700 size helicopter & flown at the highest level. In our opinion, it is one of the best flybarless systems on the market today. This is not hype, it is a reality. Out of all the 450 machines we have experienced, it has the best handling straight out of the box at a very competitive price. No other manufacturer offers a pre-built ready-to-fly model with this standard of performance.

Best of all, it comes at the very affordable price of £334.99 (rrp £379.99).

If you are a beginner & starting out with nothing, then you will also need the following additional extras, all recommended by Flyin’ Fish:

Transmitter: Introductory / Budget level Spektrum DX6i £100
More advanced / performance level Spektrum DX8 £230

DX6i DX8

Training undercarriage (perfect size for this 450 model) £25

The Blade 450X comes with a basic charger which uses 12Volts. If you wish to use this off the mains, we can recommend an inexpensive transformer for £16.99.

If you have the budget, we would recommend purchasing a Graupner Ultramat 16S charger – this is an excellent investment as it can be used for all your battery charging needs at home or in the field. This charger will charge batteries up to 6S so if you progress to a larger electric model, you will not need to upgrade your charger. This charger also gives you the possibility to charge your battery faster & it will also look after the condition of the batteries better giving you more cycles / flights from your battery. We include a multi-charge lead (to include the transmitter) for £130.
Ultramat 16S
Batteries. The Blade 450X comes with 1 battery included in the total package. We recommend that you invest in at least 2 more batteries – each battery will give you approx. 6 mins of flight.
Quality batteries: Optipower 2150mAh 3S 35C packs cost £29.99 each. We charge an additional £5 per battery to fit an EC3 connector. Optipower
Budget batteries: approx. £23 / battery including EC3 connector.

Helicopter carry case (will also fit your transmitter / batteries etc): £49.99

Carry case

For more information or to place an order, please contact us or phone us on 0208 841 6781.