June 2012 Archive

Equipment recovered & the Zone 2012

Once again, thank you to everyone who kept an eye out for our stolen equipment last month. We did manage to get everything back (except the generator) though we did have to pay for it..... long story but suffice to say that the police weren't interested in catching the culprit & in order to get the gear back, we had to pay for it!! This meant that we had to pull out of our trip to Aberdeen & the Scottish Nationals as we just couldn't afford it. Very disappointing, but there's always next year.

At least this meant that Dave was able to fly his Mikado 600 at the Zone competition over the weekend of 26/27 May. What a fabulous weekend that was.... scorching weather, some incredible flights & great atmosphere. If you weren't lucky enough to be there this year, make a note to put the dates in your diary once they are published for 2013.


Dave made it through to the last 8 (quarter finals) which we were thrilled about, before being knocked out by Timo Curlis of Germany who eventually finished in 4th place behind Duncan Osborne. Above are photos of the final 8 pilots as well as the evidence of Dave's blade scrapes in rounds 3 & 4!

Dunkan Bossion, in the final with Jamie Robertson, was unfortunate to just push it a bit too far (read too low!!) about 60 seconds into his last flight which meant that Jamie was crowned the undisputed winner of Zone 2012.

The finals victory flight with both Jamie & Dunkan flying together, was one to remember. Check out www.youtube.com/zoneformat to watch some memorable flights from the weekend.

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